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François Bérubé

Expertise and experience are what make us the best in our field. Choosing our passionate, highly-skilled team who have been creating and installing custom electronic designs for over 30 years, means that your home will be smart, simple to operate, and a pleasure to live in.

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who is François ?

The beauty of our integrated custom designed systems is that you can control your entire living space with the simple touch of a button… activating any desired scene.



Effective lighting enhances and creates any desired ambiance, according to your activities and time of day.  No matter how many light sources you have, they can be programmed for every situation, and activated at the touch of a button on a wall keypad or your smart device - elegantly eliminating the need for numerous light and dimmer switches.

what is Ketra ?

From a commercial solution,  to an elegant living room with a hidden television and in-wall speakers, we will provide the latest in sound and video technology to create the setup that best suits your needs.


With our outstanding selection of brands, from the most popular to the high-end, highest performance, and our personalized approach, your home will always be filled with great sound that fits your budget and lifestyle.



Shades are programmed according to the time of day and period of the year, utilizing ambient outdoor lighting, while effectively ensuring privacy and security.  


Experts in system design, custom installation, project coordination and customer service, we are passionate about making the latest technology easy to own and operate.  Pushing past the limits in the SMART home field, always creating new possibilities for enjoyment, convenience, and energy saving alternatives, we are there for YOU …