We provide the pleasure of music throughout your home … Maintaining the integrity of your decor with the subtlety of in-wall speakers and strategically placed touch controls.

With Environnement Électronique, the best movie-going experience takes place right where you live. Our Home Theatres are built to the highest standards, with each component installed, programmed and calibrated by expert technicians for unparalleled performance and ease of operation. With a simple touch of a button, the lights dim, the blinds close, and the screen automatically adjusts itself to the appropriate film format, just as the richness of THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound fills the room as you experience a new dimension of home electronic possibility.

The installation of network wiring allows you to be prepared to take advantage of every possible technological advance today and in the future. Everything is ready for the ultimate domestic convenience.

Our highly-trained system designers and technical team are masters in the art of possibility. With our world-class excellence in Custom Installation and attention to every detail, we consistently go beyond conventional expectations to create extraordinary living and working environments.

One visit to our showroom, and you will see, hear feel and know the difference that is reserved for clients of Environnement Electronique.


Nothing compares to listening to your favorite song again… as if it is for the first time. Come hear what you’ve been missing! With our outstanding selection of high-performance brands, and our personalized consultation and system design, your home will always be filled with great sound.


Go all out! Relax or entertain in any area of your home.
With the touch of a button, your family can enjoy different music in every room.

From small apartments to large, multi-level homes…everyone can use a little music in their lives. Or a lot!
Designing a custom package means you will have exactly what you want - when and where you want it.

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